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Pay-Per-View | API Technology

The Pay-Per-View API allows you to continue to use the security and access control functionality of our Pay-Per-View system while handling customer payments through your own site. Please be aware that the Pay-Per-View API requires moderate to advanced programming skill to implement.

The Pay-Per-View API uses "coupon codes" to facilitate the above process. A typical interaction between a customer, your site, and the Pay-Per-View system is described below:

1. A customer visits your site and makes a purchase through your site's shopping cart system and payment processor.

2. After the customer's purchase is approved your site makes a request to our Pay-Per-View system for the content the customer has purchased and a newly generated coupon code is returned to your site for usage.

3. Your site directs the customer to our Pay-Per-View system using a special link containing the coupon code that was created after their purchase.

4. The Pay-Per-View system validates the coupon code and authorizes access for the user to your content as if they had purchased it normally through our system.

Pay-Per-View | REST API

The REST API consists of a set of URLs to which HTTP requests may be sent in order to perform Pay-Per-View operations. Traditionally, the Pay-Per-View system requires an end user to select, purchase, and access your content through the Pay-Per-View interface. Authorization codes allow you to bypass this process by generating unique codes that grant access to your content, allowing you to handle user management and payment requirements through your own site.

Currently the API supports three main functions for working with authorization codes.

• Generate authorization codes for groups and/or items.
• Check the status of authorization codes.
• Revoke authorization code access.

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