How fast will my account be activated?
Accounts are setup and ready to go within 10 minutes

Can I use PayPal to collect money with the Pay-Per-View system?
PayPal and Stripe can be used to collect money with our advanced Pay-Per-View Technology.

How much does the pay per view system cost?
Once you have an account with AudioVideoweb all services are included. There are no extra fees.

Are there any fees or percentages charged with the Pay-Per-View system?
No! All income incurred goes directly to you.

What happens if someone shares their PPV login?
Only one person can be logged into a PPV account at a time.

Do you limit the amount of time I can stream an event?
There are NO time limits placed on any events. Stream as long as you like!

Can I get help setting things up?
Yes. Tech support is available 24/7 - 365 Days Per Year

Will I need 2 accounts to utilize Live and Archived media?
All accounts include both Live and Archived services.

Can I track the usage of my events?
Yes. Audience size, Geographic tracking, Average Playtime, and much more can be viewed.

Do you support 4k Streaming?
Stream at whatever you like. We do not limit what data rate or resolution you encode at, so you can send out whatever you choose. We do not alter the feed that is sent to us, so it goes out just as you send it to us.

Can AudioVideoweb handle 1000's of streams simultaneously?
By leveraging AudioVideoweb's backend Network infrastructure with Fastly’s worldwide powerful edge cloud platform you can stream your events with confidence.

What if I need more Publishing Points?
We offer unlimited publishing points at no additional cost.

What is Simulated Live?
This technology allows you to run your archived files automatically in a specific order and at specific times.

Can I download my auto archived live events?
Yes, you have FTP access to your archive content, including the auto archived files. You can also download through the management interface itself.

Do you play ads to monetize content hosted with you?
No, our player is not branded, and we do not play ads.

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